[pdf-embedder url=”http://modscapes.eu/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2017/05/poster-vertical_v4-lo-9a6b7f5.pdf” title=”MODSCAPES poster Prague 15-16/09/2016″]

MODSCAPES research design Poster

Poster explaining MODSCAPES’ research design, displayed at the HERA JRPII closing / JRPIII launch event’s poster exhibition, held in Prague, 15-16/09/2016.

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MODSCAPES-ULB, Fisher et al. (2016), What do Modernist Rural Landscapes Reveal about European Identity?, (HERA JRPII closing / JRPIII launch event, Prague, Brevnov Monastery, 15-16/09/2016, poster presentation).