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Aleksa Korolija
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Forthcoming MODSCAPES Local Workshops in Greece !

From 7-9 March two Local Workshops curated by the MODSCAPES Milan team (Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, Cristina Pallini, Aleksa Korolija, Silvia Boca) in collaboration with representative of Local Institutions will be held in Serres and Neos-Skopos.…


This morning Cristina Pallini presented MODSCAPES project and case studies to the Master Design Studio @ School of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano. The master students will be working for the next semester on Latina, a case-study in the…

Field-trip in the Apulian Tableland

The POLIMI team spent a week in Apulia visiting MODSCAPES-relevant sites and establishing contacts with Local Authorities: Ufficio Tratturi, Consorzio di Bonifica della Capitanata and others. The Local Workshop in Apulia will be held in May…
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MODSCAPES Doctoral Colloquium at the TU Berlin

In the frame of the 4th MODSCAPES International Meeting and Workshop, on the 30th of November at the Technical University of Berlin, Faculty of Architecture (Habitat Unit), students from MODSCAPES and TUB will present their researches on topics…
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Modern Architecture in the (re)Making of History. Schools and Museums in Greece

PALLINI, Cristina – Modern Architecture in the (re)Making of History. Schools and Museums in Greece in Regionalism, Nationalism & Modern Architecture. Proceedings. Edited by Jorge Cunha Pimentel, Alexandra Trevisan and Alexandra Cardoso.…

Workshop in Pontinia: Rethinking the Rural Landscape

Architecture students from Berlin (Tecnical University) and Milano (Politecnico), together with students of Master in Public History of the Freie Universität Berlin, with a team of experts will investigate the landscape in Pontinia and…