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Paolo Marcolin, Isabel Matias, Joaquim Flores - "Building the Modernist Rural Landscape in the Salazar’s Regime. The Agricultural Colony of Boalhosa"

2018-06-12: Marcolin, Matias, Flores - "Building the Modernist Rural Landscape in the Salazar’s Regime" - Conference paper
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IASTE 2018: The Politics of Tradition

1 MODSCAPES paper presented in Track 3: The politics in tradition and place: an open track - Portuguese Discourse
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Boalhosa agricultural colony: local workshop and exhibition

Local Workshop - September 19-21st 2017 Exhibition - September 19-29th 2017
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The Junta de Colonização Interna in Portugal

Online video of Joaquim Flores' presentation on internal colonisation in Portugal at the MODSCAPES' kick-off event in Milan

Second MODSCAPES Meeting in Oporto

From 25th to 27th May 2017, the transnational research project on Modernist Reinventions of the Rural Landscapes holds its second event at Escola Superior Artística do Porto, convened by Prof. Helena Maia (ESAP/CEAA) and Dr. Axel Fisher (ULB/FNRS). During three days, the five research teams and the partner members did discuss the different layers of the project.