Porto: ESAP, October 25-27, 2018

6 MODSCAPES papers

Cristina Pallini – Modern Architecture in the (re)Making of History. Scools and Museuns in Greece

Emanuela Margione – Italian Modern Architecture Between Rurality and Monumentality. The case study of the Italian New Towns as an experimental territory for the Modern Movement in Italy

Maria Helena Maia and Alexandra Cardoso – Nationalism and Rural Modernization. The Spanish Tagus Valley colonization villages in the context of Southern European inner colonization

Marta Lalanda Prista – Tradition and modernity in the Portuguese Inner Colonisation: the laboratorial case of Pegões

Paolo Marcolin – The settlements design of the Boalhosa’s agricultural colony. A dialectical perspective: between tradition and the construction of modernity

Vittoria Capresi –White Cubism Reloaded. The reinterpretation of Libyan Vernacular Architecture as the Answer to how to build in the Colony