The TUB team, Vittoria Capresi, Emily Bereskin, and Christoph Muth, headed to Golzow (Brandenburg) from May 25th to May 29th, 2018, to hold a workshop on “Buildings and Histories” with the residents of Golzow and the surrounding region. During this time, they met with local residents to discuss family histories, housing, and the conversion of the LPGs (Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaften) after German reunification.

The workshop was held in conjunction with the Filmmuseum “Kinder von Golzow“, where the TUB team also spent several days pouring over their rich and fascinating archive.

During this time, Emily Bereskin also conducted research on public history and heritagization processes, interviewing local annalists, and analyzing regional sites of heritage production. The results of this initial research were presented at the MODSCAPES midterm conference in Tartu (June 11- 13, 2018). While in Golzow, Christoph Muth conducted interviews and collected archival and contemporary material related to the historical development of the LPGs and the challenges facing the region after their dissolution after 1990. His research was also presented in at the MODSCAPES midterm conference where it sparked an interesting discussion on the condition of post-socialist rurality.

A special thanks to Mr. Schütz, the Mayor of Golzow, and Mrs. Grieger, director of the Filmmuseum, for the warm hospitality and willingness to cooperate with the MODSCAPES’ team.