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Keynote speakers

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Catherine Maumi – ENSA-Grenoble

Catherine Maumi is architect. She hold a PhD from the EHESS in Urban Studies, an HDR – research habilitation from the University Paris 8, and is professor in History and Theories of Architecture and the City at the ENSA – École nationale supérieure d’architecture of Grenoble, where she heads the research laboratory MHAevt – Métiers de l’Histoire de l’Architecture, édifices-villes-territoires (

Her research interests area mainly directed towards the thinking on the city and territory, mainly in the United States of America, and on the features of an architectural cultural specific to the North-American continent.

On these topics, she published, among others :

  • Frank Lloyd Wright, Broadacre City, La nouvelle frontière, Paris, Éditions de la Villette, Collection « Textes fondamentaux modernes », 2015, 208 p.
  • Usonia ou le mythe de la ville-nature américaine, Paris, Éditions de la Villette, Collection « Penser l’espace », 2009, 240 p.
  • Thomas Jefferson et le projet du Nouveau Monde, forword by André Corboz, Paris, Éditions de la Villette, 2007, 176 p.