Researchers working at the TU Berlin, School VI Planning Building Environment, Dept. of Architecture, Habitat Unit – chair of International Urbanism (Berlin, Germany)

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DAAD Grant for the workshops: The Social City. Berlin and Naples

We are very happy to announce that our proposal for the workshop The Social City Urban Development and Housing Projects in Berlin and Naples in the Post-war Era. A Comparison. have been granted by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)…
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Identität und Erbe: Doctoral Colloquium

The Fascist Settlements in Colonial Libya and Italy. Mapping Quantitative and Qualitative data by combining architecture and memories Vittoria Capresi (TU Berlin, Habitat Unit) TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135, Main Building, H112 9…
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Emily Bereskin

Post-doc fellow, ULB. Case studies: Germany. Focus on: heritage and touristification processes, conflict studies
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Christoph Muth

Doctoral Candidate, TU Berlin. Case study: Germany. Focus area: planning resilience
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Axel Fisher

FNRS postdoctoral researcher, Université libre de Bruxelles. Case studies: Israel/Palestine, Italy, Spain. Focus area: Urban design / landscape architecture / cultural geography

Vittoria Capresi

Principal investigator, TU Berlin. Case studies: Libya, Germany, Italy. Focus on: oral history