Researchers working at the TU Berlin, School VI Planning Building Environment, Dept. of Architecture, Habitat Unit – chair of International Urbanism (Berlin, Germany)

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Discussing about the South Oderbruch. Symposium Neue Felder Neue Dörfer

From the 13th until the 16th of September in Libken e.V., Ort Böckenberg 15-17, 17268 Gerswalde a multidisciplinary symposium will uncover the geological, ecological, social, historical, and aesthetic layers of the landscape in the former…
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Emily Bereskin

Post-doc fellow, ULB. Case studies: Germany. Focus on: heritage and touristification processes, conflict studies
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Christoph Muth

Doctoral Candidate, TU Berlin. Case study: Germany. Focus area: planning resilience
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Axel Fisher

FNRS postdoctoral researcher, Université libre de Bruxelles. Case studies: Israel/Palestine, Italy, Spain. Focus area: Urban design / landscape architecture / cultural geography

Vittoria Capresi

Principal investigator, TU Berlin. Case studies: Libya, Germany, Italy. Focus on: oral history