Resources, links and published materials related to the Portuguese case studies (CESA/CEAA, Porto).


Boalhosa agricultural colony exhibition

MODSCAPES exhibition on Portuguese agricultural colonies held at CEIA – Corno do Bico; Chã de Lamas, Paredes de Coura, Portugal. September 19th-29th 2017
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Boalhosa agricultural colony: local workshop and exhibition

Local Workshop - September 19-21st 2017 Exhibition - September 19-29th 2017
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The Junta de Colonização Interna in Portugal

Online video of Joaquim Flores' presentation on internal colonisation in Portugal at the MODSCAPES' kick-off event in Milan
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Aldeias e Lugares. Reinvenções da paisagem rural

The ESAP-Oporto University of Arts hosted a public Master Symposium on "VILLAGES AND PLACES. Reinventions of the rural landscape", May 22nd 2017