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The archaeological work in Macedonia and Thrace Conference

  Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis (emeritus prpfessor, AUTh), Maria Triandafillidou (archaeologist), Panos Andrikopoulos-Tzoumas (agronomist) presented the paper entitled “The inter-war technical landscape of the Lake of Giannitsa: first outline for its study and promotion”. The paper was presented at the Meeting The archaeological work in Macedonia and Thrace (Το αρχαιολογικο εργο στη Μακεδονια και στη Θρακη), Aristotle University […]


Lecture announcement

On 9 May 2019 prof. Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, will give a lecture entitled “Modscapes: Modernist rural landscape in the plain of Giannitsa” (Modscapes: Το Μοντερνιστικό αγροτικό τοπίο στον κάμπο των Γιαννιτσών) at the course Problems of Spatial Planning (06ΤΗ21 – Ζητηματα Χωρικου Σχεδιασμου) held by professors Evangelia Athanasiou & Haris Christodoulou, School of Architecture, Aristotle University […]

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Forthcoming MODSCAPES Local Workshops in Greece !

From 7-9 March two Local Workshops curated by the MODSCAPES Milan team (Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis, Cristina Pallini, Aleksa Korolija, Silvia Boca) in collaboration with representative of Local Institutions will be held in Serres and Neos-Skopos. Check it  out at: https://www.eproodos.gr/post/anoikto-ergastirio-sto-tei-i-ektropi-toy-strymona-kai-oi-prosfygikoi-oikismoi-ton-serron We will keep you posted!